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Make-your-own donuts? You bet, at the new Maverick’s Donut Company shop!

Donut deliciousness is coming to Bank Street South this Friday (Nov. 25).

Maverick’s Donut Company is a collaboration between five partners, who are already working together in various capacities for the Vittoria Trattoria and Lapointe Fish restaurants: Harjeet Singh, Dominic Santaguida, Geoff Vivian, Kyle Hector, and Jake Ellis.

City Bites Insider caught up with Vittoria Trattoria’s Singh, conducting a quick interview as the busy co-owners and staff raced around finalizing all the last-minute details ahead of this weekend’s opening.

Maverick's Donut Company, located at the Blue Heron Mall at 1500 Bank Street, opens for business this Friday
Maverick’s Donut Company, located at the Blue Heron Mall at 1500 Bank Street, opens for business this Friday

Between Vittoria Trattoria and the Lapointe’s restaurants, you guys already run seven places. Aren’t you busy enough?

I know! But Geoff [Vivian] loves donuts, so he convinced us to jump on the bandwagon.

What flavours do you have?

I’m a chef by training so I have been experimenting for months — I must have experimented with about 40 flavours. But we have narrowed it down to six signature [donuts] that will be available every day: peanut butter & jam; Death by Chocolate; Wake ’n Bacon; Lemon Ricotta; Crème Brûlée; and Pina Colada. But customers can also create their own, perfect donut.

One of the six donuts on the regular menu is Wake ‘n Bacon

Custom donuts, too? 

Exactly. You can walk up to the counter and choose the donut, then choose what icing dip you would like. There’s chocolate, maple, vanilla, and caramel. Then you move along to the toppings and decide what to put on. We’ve got sprinkles, toffee bits, crushed KitKat, Oreo cookie crumbs — there are a whole bunch of options.

Kids are going to love this.

They will. I can see adults coming in for a really good cup of coffee and a gourmet donut from our menu, and kids making their own. Of course, lots of adults will want to make their own, too.

Will the standard gourmet flavours change over time?

Definitely. We’ll be adding to the mix once we see how things go. We’ll have a suggestion box so customers can tell us what they’d like to see. Sometimes you’re stuck in your own bubble, so it will be great to hear their ideas.

The doughnut machine, which visitors can watch working, can make up to 120 doughnuts a minute
The donut machine, which visitors can watch working, can make up to 120 donuts a minute

I love that customers can see the donut machine at work.

It is neat. I travelled to the U.S. four times to check out machines before we bought this one.

Tell me about the location.

We chose the Blue Heron Mall because we know the area — this mall is always packed. There’s room for about 30 in here, with a combination of seats and standing bars. We plan to get a liquor license so we can also host corporate functions as well. It would be a great place for a beer and a donut.

What about donut lovers who aren’t in the Bank Street South area?

We are working on a plan to offer a delivery service for larger orders. We’re also looking at a second location in 2017, though I can’t give any details yet. And we’re in talks to wholesale Maverick’s donuts to coffee shops, banquet halls, and food stores.

Wholesaling — great idea.

Yes, Kyle [Hector] and Jake [Ellis] are very involved with the wholesale side of Lapointe’s, so that’s what they’ll be working on. What’s great about having five partners in the business is that we all have different specialties, so we divide up the responsibilities.

You’ve been in the food industry for a long time. Do you have a sense of how people will react to Maverick’s Donut Company?

It’s a unique product, so I think people are going to be really excited. They’ve been coming and trying to look in the windows ever since we put the signs up.