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Dining out, differently: Superfoods Menu at Milestones offers limited-time dishes

New year, new you, right?

Everyone knows that sticking to the perfect New Year’s resolution is the easy part — then come the months of following up on that promise to yourself.

Whether you’re focusing on the little things, like taking the stairs every morning, or the big-picture things, like making regular use of that gym membership that’s collecting dust in your wallet, making a commitment to your health requires holding yourself accountable. Food is a big part of that — but you don’t need to give up on dining out to stick to a more nourishing diet.

Returning for its third year, Milestones‘ Superfoods Menu is aimed directly at those who want to enjoy a meal out without any of the residual guilt that can accompany restaurant meals. This limited-time feature menu, available until February 24, is packed with protein, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and fibre to help you get all the flavour you expect from a high-quality meal — without sacrificing the health-conscious goals you’ve committed to in 2019. Here are six dishes to look forward to on the menu this month.

For an appetizer, look no further than Cakes by the Ocean, a dish that’s making an encore presentation after wowing visitors last year. These seafaring hors d’oeuvres combine shrimp, salmon, and quinoa into two seared cakes that are enough for two but tasty enough to savour solo. Resting on a bed of leafy greens and avocado dill aioli, and garnished with a zesty finish of mango salsa, this fresh dish will satisfy your appetite just as much as your lifestyle.

Cakes by the Ocean. Photo by Milestones

Another holdover from last year, the Superfood salad is chock-full of nourishing ingredients. This single-serving bowl is as much a delight for your eyes as it is for your hunger pangs. It’s packed with a dizzying array of fresh, colourful ingredients: sweet potato, avocado, grape tomatoes, blueberries, golden beats … the list goes on. And if your stomach is growling a little louder, add an additional protein.

Milestones’ take on poké, a traditional Hawaiian dish, features ahi tuna, edamame, mushrooms, grilled pineapple, and more, served with a wasabi ponzu sauce.

There are few better restaurant experiences than when the server comes by with a plate of sizzling food — except, of course, when you know the meal has been prepared specifically to help you stick to your new year’s diet. Milestones’ pan-seared rainbow trout, served with spaghetti squash, charred pineapple, and goji berry salsa, and a sampling of leafy greens and roasted mushrooms, has plenty of nutrients and vitamins that’ll leave you satisfied.

Pan-seared rainbow trout. Photo by Milestones

Back by popular demand, Milestones’ fiery Tunisian chicken is an entree with just the right amount of kick. Piled high atop a tower of quinoa pilaf, seasonal vegetables, and roasted sweet potato, the real showstopper here is the rub of spicy harissa sauce that seasons this moist, plump bird — a little extra dash of flavour, but not so much to scare away the spice-averse. If you’re still on the fence, remember that the dollop of goji berry and cucumber-infused Greek yogurt resting atop this entrée will help lend a balancing hand and keep tastes light and agreeable.

Just about anyone who’s renewing their diet goals is likely to eliminate dessert, but you’ll want to think again once you’ve gotten a peek at Milestones’ chestnut espresso crème brûlée. It’s still dessert, sure, but the chestnuts, spiced pecans, and fig jam used to create this dish ensure that the sugar will go down guilt-free.

The new year may be the perfect time to start setting goals and making lifestyle changes, but just because you’ve cut down on potato chips doesn’t mean you have to abandon flavour altogether. With a little help from nourishing, delicious ingredients, Milestones‘ Superfoods Menu allows you to enjoy a night out with friends and family without fretting over what items match your resolutions. Make a reservation at a Milestones near you (Sussex Drive, Marche Way, or Kanata Avenue) to try these mouth-watering dishes before they’re gone.