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MUST-TRY BAR SNACKS: 5 top ideas from Ottawa Magazine’s 2013 Eating & Drinking Guide

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Sweet and savoury finger foods to pair with the latest craft beers.




Photography by Christian Lalonde / Photolux Studio

Organic Tamworth Ham, Pimento Cheese, Bread and Butter pickles, and Saltines
Salty, creamy, crunchy, tangy, this stellar spread of nibbles from Union Local 613 needs only a bourbon cocktail or two to wash it down. 315 Somerset St. W., 613-231-1010.

Spicy Beer Nuts
Sriracha is the ultimate “it” condiment because it improves everything it touches, including Hintonburg Public House’s spicy beer nuts, sweet peanuts with a spicy kick. 1020 Wellington St. W., 613-421-5087.

Mini Fried Calzones
The top-secret family recipe for two six {ate}’s fried mini calzones comes from co-owner Emily Ienzi’s mom. From day one, the oozy envelopes have been one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. 268 Preston St., 613-695-8200.

Crispy Prawn Betel Leaf
Betel leaf’s reputation as a mild stimulant may be behind the addictiveness of these tasty exotic pockets from Side Door. 18-B York St., 613-562-9331.

Bacon-wrapped Olives
So much more sophisticated than a bowl of potato chips — but I betcha can’t eat just one. The Moonroom, 442 Preston St., 613-231-2525.


Photography by Christian Lalonde / Photolux Studio
Photography by Christian Lalonde / Photolux Studio