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MUST-TRY DOUGHNUTS: 5 top picks from Ottawa Magazine’s 2013 Eating & Drinking Guide

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Must-try Doughnuts: Ottawa Magazine food editor Shawna Wagman notes that whether they be twisted, dipped, filled or iced, there’s nothing as glorious as a chewy, gooey doughnut.



Suzy Q’s decadent Boston Cream. Photography by Christian Lalonde / Photolux

Boston Cream
Sue herself says they’re made with love, but when you have vanilla bean crème anglaise filling and a dark chocolate glaze, it goes without saying. Suzy Q, 991 Wellington St. W., 613-724-2451.

Lemon Curd Beignet
Looking at Edgar, it’s no surprise that the lemon-curd-stuffed nutmeg-scented beignets exude quiet charm and good taste. 60, rue Bégin, Gatineau, 819-205-1110.

These typical glazed Polish pastries filled with plum jam are delivered fresh to Warsaw Polish Deli from two different Montreal bakeries (one type is sweeter than the other) every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Call ahead to reserve. 747 Richmond Rd., 613-722-5440.

The cream filling of the Vanilla Berliner is flecked with specks of pure vanilla bean. Photography by Christian Lalonde / Photolux

Vanilla Berliner
Art Is In’s dense, squishy Berliner is the cloud nine of doughnuts. Its cream filling,  flecked with specks of pure vanilla bean, takes us to a happy place. 250 City Centre Ave., 613-695-1226.

Light, airy, squishy, and sticky, every batch of The Nutty Greek Bake Shop’s bite-sized balls is served in timeless style: warm and honey-drenched. 490 Rochester St., 613-680-0806.

Described as light, airy, sticky, and squishy, Nutty Greek’s loukoumades are made to order. Photography by Christian Lalonde / Photolux.