MY CITY: Shane Waldron, co-owner of the Wellington Gastropub
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MY CITY: Shane Waldron, co-owner of the Wellington Gastropub

Where the affable front-of-house man heads to satisfy his sweet tooth By Shawna Wagman

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Carb loading: Waldron’s list of favourite indulgences includes pizza, cake, and croissants. Photography by Miv Fournier.

My new discovery
The Musa pizza at Back Lane Café is fantastic. Best crust. George [Monsour, the owner] is always so welcoming and humble.

My watering hole
The Elmdale [House Tavern] has great live music, and it’s one of the few remaining taverns in the city. I also like The Wood [on Wellington]. Jimmy Lung, the owner, likes to have a bit of a laugh with regulars.

My burger fix
I go for the signature burger at The Hintonburger — cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce, onions, juicy patty, with hand-cut fries. Simple and delicious.

My market 
I like to visit the Carp Farmers’ Market. We go three or four times a year. It has the real old-school feel of a country market. I usually pick up something from The Girl With the Most Cake and cheeses from Back Forty.

Sweet tooth indulgence
We stop for pastries and coffee at Art Is In Bakery on the way to the cottage and always end up buying more treats than we could possibly need. My pick is the chocolate-almond croissant. My wife swears they make the best hot chocolate (with sublime marshmallow) in the city.

Date night spot 
Most nights off are spent at home with the family. The last splurge was a dinner at Beckta, with friends from out of town. Always a treat.

Latest beer obsession?
Cask beer is so good! It undergoes a final fermentation in the cask and is drawn from the keg into the glass with a hand pump, not gas. Serving it at a less cool temperature and with less carbonation means more flavour and less feeling bloated. In addition to the Wellie, you can find it at the Arrow & Loon Pub [in the Glebe] and The Cheshire Cat [in Carp].