Eating & Drinking

On Newsstands: Sneak peek at the contents page of the Ottawa Magazine Eating & Drinking Guide

EAT: Ottawa’s most exciting new food businesses and best restaurants

New and Noteworthy
Fifteen of the tastiest new additions to the city’s simmering culinary landscape
By Shawna Wagman

Our authoritative guide to dining in the city features 100 must-try restaurants
By Anne DesBrisay

Sandwiches, doughnuts, bar snacks, pickles and preserves, bread


Pouring a pint at Brasseurs du Temps

DRINK: Wines and craft beers to suit every event on your social calendar

David Lawrason selects 60 bottles to suit all occasions. Includes: A Prince Edward County Wine Tour; sparkling wines; sipping whites; barbecue reds; Euro classics; New World classics; cellar keepers

A guide to local craft breweries. Plus! Ten Ontario beers to try right now
By Travis Persaud

Photography by Christian Lalonde - Photolux Commercial Studio

SHOP: Where to head for gourmet groceries and top-notch gadgets

Food shops
Tempting the palate with the city’s top gourmet grocers, delis, butchers, bakeries, and more
By Cindy Deachman

Focus on: fair fish, vegan, gluten-free

Kitchen Stores: Where to find everything a committed home cook needs