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Plant-based meal company, Plant Prepped, delivers kits for Ottawa Vegans (or anyone!)

After reviewing the meal box services from GoodFoodMissFreshHelloFresh and Chefs Plate I was excited to learn of a new service delivering in the Ottawa area.

Unlike the past meal services Plant Prepped offers a 100 per cent plant-based, vegan menu and the ability to create gluten-free and soy-free options. Being vegetarian I was intrigued. While the other meal services came in a large paper box, Plant Prepped delivered their meals to me in a cooler bag. The delivery man informed me that if I subscribed weekly they would pick up my cooler bag and reuse it for my next delivery. (For subscribers outside the Ottawa area, Plant Prepped uses a traditional box.)

Photo: Amanda Havey

Instead of ice packs, Plant Prepped opts for cooler panels by Green Cell Foam—they’re made out of corn and are 100% compostable and biodegradable. You can dispose of these panels by disintegrating them in your sink. Although this facet of the service was more waste-conscious, the contents on the package were similar to the others.

Photo: @plantprepped


Each individual meal was in a brown paper bag; the herbs, lettuce, sauces etc. were packed in plastic bags or containers. The cooler bag included regular ice packs; while some of the services had a pamphlet on how to recycle the ice packs, Plant Pressed did not. However, when reading online I found out the ice packs could also be returned with the cooler bags if you lived in the Ottawa area.

Photo: Amanda Havey

Inside the cooler bag were 3 recipes: lemongrass tofu banh mi, cornmeal crusted tofu, and baja hearts of palm tostadas.

We tried the banh mi first. With a fresh white bun, basil, parsley, a pre-made lemongrass sauce to marinate the tofu, pickled carrots, radish, and cucumber paired with cabbage salad, this meal was a success. It was easily the favourite of the three recipes — and more flavourful than Good Foods similar recipe for Banh Mi.

Photo: @plantprepped

The cornmeal crusted tofu was  disappointing. The tofu lacked flavour, and so did the mashed rutabaga. A vegetarian take on breaded chicken with potatoes and vegetables, it required us to use our own hot sauce.

Photo: @plantprepped

The final meal was the baja hearts of palm tostadas. The traditional fish was substituted with deep fried heart of palm, something I had never tried before. (I learned that the heart of palm is a vegetable harvested from the inner core of palm trees.) The garlic-mashed lentils and lime combined with their signature spice blend, avocado and cilantro fused into a zesty masterpiece.

Photo: @plantprepped

While Good Foods, Miss Fresh, Chef’s Plant, and Hello Fresh all offered flexibility in terms of delivery days Plant Prepped is more rigid — they only deliver every Tuesday.

The other meal prep services always offered three vegetarian options out of the seven choices. I appreciated the flexibility of choice with Plant Prepped since all of their options were vegetarian. However, the slight higher cost (Miss Fresh being the lowest at $58.74 a week) and disappointment in one of the meals hasn’t turned this veg head into a weekly subscriber.

Plant Prepped

2 Person Plan – 72.99 per week

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