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Spread Delivers the picnic to you — wherever you are!

Now in season! Jules Harrison of Spread Delivers catering company launches the third season of her thriving “picnic boutique.”

The concept: You call in your picnic order the day before and a bike courier will show up at the time and park of your choice to deliver your gourmet picnic lunch. Perfect for time-strapped office workers, tired stroller moms, and romantic dates.

For those needing locational inspiration, Harrison says the top three delivery spots for Spread Delivers are Lansdowne Park, the waterfront at the Canadian History Museum, and the Museum of Nature.

Jules Harrison of Spread Delivers. Photo: Ben Welland
Jules Harrison of Spread Delivers. Photo: Ben Welland

City Bites Hot Tip: Along with her regular picnic lunches, Harrison has two new picnic packages this season: A picnic for two, which includes a sliced baguette, Seed to Sausage meats, a wedge of cheese, dip and chips, cookies and drinks; and a kid’s picnic, with a sandwich, chips and dip, chocolate chip cookie, and a juice box.

City Bites Hot Tip #2: Have you signed on for the sold-out Picnic on the Bridge (that would be the July 2 Alexandra Bridge extravaganza with the bridge playing host to thousands of picnicking families)? Are you already worrying about how you’ll park and schlep all your food to the event? Fear not: Spread Delivers has you covered. Book your picnic and have it delivered to you at the bridge — now that’s a stress-free picnic.