Surf’s up! Tomo Restaurant launches Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls
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Surf’s up! Tomo Restaurant launches Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls

Healthy, colourful, and delicious — For Hawaiians, the poke bowl is the quintessential meal. Cube some super-fresh raw fish and toss it in a bowl with some rice, seaweed, soy sauce, and a few seasonings. Voilà! Dinner is served — deconstructed sushi in a bowl. What’s not to love?

The poke trend has made its way across the U.S. over recent years and now Ottawa is getting in on the action. Tomo Restaurant has recently launched a poke menu, showcasing its take on the craze. (They got the idea after their prototype poke bowl proved super-successful at last summer’s Asian Night Market.)

The three poke bowls on the lunch and dinner menus are: salmon ($11), tuna ($13), and tofu ($10). Spiceheads can add kick by asking for extra togarashi (Japanese chilli powder) on that.

City Bites Hot Tip: Don’t embarrass yourself with sloppy pronunciation. Poke does not rhyme with joke. It’s pronounced POH-KAY. Aren’t you glad you knew that before you ordered?

City Bites Hot Tip #2: Impress your friends with your etymological savvy. Poke, in Hawaiian, means “cut piece” or “small piece.” Any type of fish can be at the centre of the poke bowl, though tuna is the traditional protein of choice.