TRY THIS! Anne DesBrisay discovers the Bridgehead “porridge wedge”
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TRY THIS! Anne DesBrisay discovers the Bridgehead “porridge wedge”

Forget the ubiquitous breakfast sandwich. Bridgehead is now serving up steel-cut oats with fruit compote (plus maple syrup).

By Anne DesBrisay

With three days of exhaustive research into the best pain aux raisins in the city weighing on my conscience and my hips, I paid no morning mind to the usual things I pay mind to at my local Bridgehead. No croissant, no cheese scone, no triple berry muffin. Just coffee, thanks. No, not even a date square (how well she knows me…) despite the argument any sensible person could make about the fibre and the iron.

Still, I was hungry, and lunch a long way away.

And then I spied it: a new product? In a glass bowl, a square of porridge. Not just any oatmeal, this lump. These were steel-cut oats (also known as Irish or Scottish oats) and they came topped with either maple syrup or a fruit compote. Or…both. Done!

Oatmeal: low calorie, high fibre, chewy-good.

Berries: loaded with anti-oxidants.

Maple syrup: awesome. And, by the way, I just read this: according to Dr Keiko Abe of ¬†the University of Tokyo, pure maple syrup (she used a Canadian product on her Japanese lab rats, apparently) may well promote a healthy liver. Woo Hoo… pour it on!

The porridge wedge was warmed, topped with a dollop of sour-sweet cranberry-blueberry-raspberry compote, and served with maple syrup on the side.

Both my liver and my mouth were pleased.

Available at Bridgehead locations around the city.

Cost: $2.50