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VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT IDEA: Bijoux gelato cakes from Stella Luna are the perfect sweet treat for sharing

Object of desire: The Lovers’ Duet (just enough for two) features chocolate and honey cinnamon gelato topped with dark chocolate pearls and cinnamon sticks. Photography by - Christian Lalonde.

On a recent visit to Rome, Tammy Giuliani, owner of Stella Luna gelateria in Old Ottawa South, noticed pretty semifreddo cakes all over town.

Not being a fan of the mousse-like texture of the popular semi-frozen desserts, she dreamed up the idea of making beautiful pint-sized cakes with a pair of complementary gelato flavours, say chocolate and roasted almond.

She puts a ¼-inch sponge cake at the bottom to hold the dessert together and catch drips, but otherwise it’s solid gelato dressed up to look like a romantic little ribbon-wrapped jewel. The smallest one is the perfect dose of sweetness for two people to share at the end of a meal.

A few choices are on display in the shop each day, but special flavour requests make these as customizable as they are adorable.

Cost: $8.50-$15, varies by size.

Stella Luna Gelato Café, 1103 Bank St., 613-523-1116.