Vegan ‘ice cream’ makers Oat & Mill debut four new scoops for May
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Vegan ‘ice cream’ makers Oat & Mill debut four new scoops for May

Dairy- and gluten-averse “ice cream” lovers are crazy for locally made Oat & Mill, with its base of oats churned to a creamy consistency. You can buy their four regular flavours at Metro and Kardish stores, but it’s so much fun to step outside the box and taste-test the seasonal hits. Order your spring flavours online ($10 / 500 mL) for home delivery or head to Little Jo Berry’s coffee shop for pickup.

Oat & Mill's banana split
Oat & Mill’s banana split

And now, for your tasting pleasure, Oat & Mill’s springtime frozen oat flaves are (drumroll please):

  • Banana Split —Flakes of pure dark chocolate are churned into a creamy banana-pineapple base. This could be the perfect ice cream for your banana split…
  • Lime & Coconut — It’s a classic pairing for good reason!
  • Blueberry Lemonade — Wild blueberries and chunks of lemon curd. Nice!
  • Apocalyptic Chocolate — For the chocoholic on your list, it’s a double dose of chocolate and chocolate-nutmeg crackle.
Oat & Mill's lime & coconut
Oat & Mill’s lime & coconut

City Bites Hot Tip: Don’t dawdle. These new spring flavours will be available at least until June, but then it’s on a “while quantities last” basis.

Oat & Mill's apocalyptic chocolate
Oat & Mill’s apocalyptic chocolate

City Bites Hot Tip #2: And just because we’re nosy — and like to plan out a full season of cold-treats sampling — we quizzed Oat & Mill’s ice cream engineers on what they’re working on for the summer months. The answer: Root beer; grilled pineapple; watermelon black sesame; and “summer blockbuster”, a salty-buttery movie-themed treat with dark chocolate-covered popcorn. Bring it on!