Highlights from Ottawa Magazine’s Restaurant event

Ottawa Magazine‘s annual restaurant event, which brings to life the annual food feature in our Holiday issue, happened on Wednesday, Jan. 24 inside the National Arts Centre’s new Canada Room.

This year’s theme drew from Anne DesBrisay’s Top 10 Over 1o feature. Bringing well-established  restaurants with local brewers and other food purveyors made for a wonderful night of culinary delights. The cocktail party atmosphere was perfect for sampling the dishes, which ranged from sushi to curry, oysters to cheese fondue. Plus, the new view to the Rideau Canal and the Shaw Centre was the perfect backdrop for selfies.

Thanks to all the participating chefs and restaurants, and to everyone else who made the evening such a success. We look forward to next year’s Ottawa Magazine restaurant event. (Judging from what the chefs served, looks like fish is on trend for 2018!)

Top Row, left: Joe Thottungal (Coconut Lagoon), Patrick Garland (Absinthe), Michael Radford (Whalesbone), Geofferey Ring (Sur-Lie), Charles Part and Yanick Lasalle (Les Fougeres). Bottom Row, left: Simon Fraser (Fraser Cafe), Jamie McMinn (Carben Food +Drink), Moriyuki Hiroha (C’est Japon a Suisha), Scott Adams (Benny’s Bistro). Photo: David Kawai

Special thanks to Beau’s, our biggest sponsor of the evening!

Here, photographer David Kawai captures some of the event’s highlights:

Inside the NAC’s Canada Room, just one of two rooms where chefs, vintners, and bartenders served 400 guests. Photo: David Kawai
Fraser Cafe. Photo: David Kawai
The Whalesbone. Photo: David Kawai
Left: The Whalesbone. Right: NAC Catering. Photo: David Kawai
Left: Coconut Lagoon. Right: St. Albert’s Cheese. Photo: David Kawai
Left: Ozawa. Right: Sur-Lie. Photo: David Kawai
Beau’s. Photo: David Kawai
Photo: David Kawai
Left: Fraser Cafe. Right: Carben. Photo: David Kawai
Left: Rheault Distillery. Right: Benny’s Bistro. Photo: David Kawai
The Cupcake Lounge. Photo: David Kawai
Left: Split Tree Cocktail Co. Right: Les Fougeres. Photo: David Kawai
Left: Arterra Wines Canada. Right: C’est Japon a Suisha. Photo: David Kawai
Cornerstone Housing for Women (the event’s charity). Middle: Phiilippe Dandurand Wines. Right: Martin Remillard Sommelier. Photo: David Kawai