Christmas Crafts | Baby Mango | Lightfoot in Song
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Christmas Crafts | Baby Mango | Lightfoot in Song

Strings on Wood is among the 100+ vendors at the Nepean Sportsplex Christmas Craft Show

Nepean Sportsplex Christmas Craft Show
Get your hands on some holiday crafts at this massive show with over 140 artisans, artists, and food purveyors. Held at the arena on Woodroffe near Hunt Club, there will be everything from handcrafted wood instruments to stylish handmade hats, and lots of food and natural care products.
Tickets $4-6, free for children under 12. 
Oct. 24-27, see website for hours.
1701 Woodroffe Ave.

Left: an X-ray that shows Mango had two fractures in his rear leg when he was rescued. Right: Mango at his new home, Penny Lane Sanctuary

Mango’s No Meat and Greet
After being rescued from ditch off the 417 east of Ottawa, Mango the pig has found a new home at Penny Lane Sanctuary. The young piglet suffered a broken leg after presumably falling off a transport truck, and was rehabilitated with the help of a passerby — and a GuFundMe campaign (now at nearly $10,000). Come and meet the wee little piggie who captured so many hearts, have a vegan hotdog, and the people behind this incredible rescue.
Sat., Oct. 24., 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
1795 Du Lac Rd., Saint-Pascal Baylon

Pierre Brault, Scott Richardson, Rachel Eugster, and Robin Guy perform Lightfoot in Song. Photo by Andrew Alexander Photography

Lightfoot in Song
Escape into the nostalgia and nationalism that is Gordon Lightfoot at this tribute performance by local theatre company Bear & Co. And they’re offering discounts to local choirs, encouraging anyone who loves to belt out a “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” to rise in their seats and join in. Featuring local theatre talent Pierre Brault, Rachel Eugster, Robin Guy, and Scott Richardson.
Tickets $24-$40
Oct. 24-Nov. 2
The Gladstone Theatre, 910 Gladstone Ave.