COMICCON WARMUP: Morgan Dunbar embraces the dark (and cheesy) Doctor Who
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COMICCON WARMUP: Morgan Dunbar embraces the dark (and cheesy) Doctor Who


The Whovian

Photography by Luther Caverly

Name: Morgan Dunbar
Age: 23
Occupation: Graphic designer and owner of Geek Charming (Jewelry and Crafts for the geekily inclined)
Moved to Ottawa from: Blind River, Ontario
Affiliation: Member of The Doctor Who  Society of Canada

Why Who?:  “It has a lot of good characters, a lot of good storylines. It’s a little cheesy sometimes, but it’s fun to get into.”

Favourite characters: River Song, the Doctor, Jack Harkness, Rory, Rose Tyler. “River Song is the greatest female character ever written for TV. She’s funny, she’s sexy, she’s cocky, and she’s a badass.”

Worst character: Mickey Smith. “Mickey Smith is the boyfriend of Rose Tyler. Whenever he came along, he cramped the Doctor’s style and really got in the way of the Doctor/Rose dynamic.” 

Doctor Who swag:
River Song Sonic Screwdriver; T-shirts; mug from Cardiff, Wales, from The Doctor Who Experience; fan art and posters; Doctor Who lunchbox

Cosplay (short for costume play) for Doctor Who: Easier than other fandoms. “A lot of the clothing is everyday wear. Dressing up as a character from Doctor Who often involves a lot of modified shirts, jackets, scarves, and hats. In other fandoms, you might have to make armour or really detailed constructions, but because of the accessibility of the costumes of Doctor Who, pretty much every fan has made one.”

Favourite episodes:
1. “New Earth”
2. “The Girl in the Fireplace”
3. “Silence in the Library”
4. “Vincent and the Doctor”
5. “The Doctor’s Wife”

There are about 800 episodes spanning 50 years. Where’s a newbie to begin?
“‘Blink’ is almost collectively considered the best Doctor Who episode. It’s very dark, and it introduces the Weeping Angels, who I think are the scariest villains in Doctor Who. It’s a great introduction episode for non-fans because it’s so intense. It gives them an idea of the potential of the show.”