COMICCON WARMUP: Ryan Rozumniak extols the virtues of Star Trek
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COMICCON WARMUP: Ryan Rozumniak extols the virtues of Star Trek

With Comiccon set for May 10-12 at the Ernst and Young Centre, Roger Collier profiles four hardcore fans (and checks out their superhuman costumes). Here’s the fourth:

The Trekkie

Photography by Luther Caverly

Name: Ryan Rozumniak
Age: 29
Occupation: Seeking employment
Moved to Ottawa from: Edmonton
Affiliation: Crew member of IKV Phoenix, Ottawa’s Klingon/Star Trek Costuming & Role-play Fan Club;

lieutenant in the USS Magellan chapter of Starfleet, an international Star Trek fan association

Series ranking:
1. The Original Series
2. The Next Generation
3. Deep Space Nine
4. Voyager
5. Enterprise
“I had a hate on for Deep Space Nine, actually. But as I watched more and more episodes, I realized it was deep. It had great storylines.”

Favourite Star Trek possession: First-edition (1975) Star Trek Starfleet Technical Manual, purchased last year at Ottawa Comiccon for $10. “I saw it and was like, ‘Wait a minute.’ They were going on eBay for ridiculous prices.”

Wants to get: Dress uniform from Star Trek Insurrection and Star Trek Nemesis. “It’s all white. It’s really nice and fancy.”

Top websites:,,,

Best movie: The Wrath of Khan 

Worst movie:
Star Trek: The Motion Picture. “This had a poorly thought out storyline and it was slow paced throughout. The acting was not the best either.”

Little-known fake fact: “I’ll let you in on a little secret. In the show Enterprise, they explain what happened between The Original Series, when Klingons didn’t have ridges on their foreheads, and later on, when they got the ridges. It was a genetic defect.”