Going Out

HAPPY HALLOWE’EN! Photo of the day by carver extraordinaire Tom Alfoldi

Dr. Frank N Furter. Photograph courtesy of Tom Alfoldi

Go beyond the three triangles and a mouth and carving a pumpkin becomes a very long process —two parts art and one part science. This year, local photographer and pumpkin artist Tom Alfoldi prepped and carved three pumpkins. Step one: clean out the pumpkins, thin down the walls and put in heat vent holes and light access holes. Step two: attach the very detailed stencils via a digital projector. Step three: carve until your shoulders ache. Step four: put them on the front porch and impress the neighbours. Check out jack-o-lanterns from previous years on Alfoldi’s flickr site.

Mona Lisa in shades of orange. Photograph courtesy of Tom Alfoldi