DAYTRIPPER: Caving in Vals-des-Monts
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DAYTRIPPER: Caving in Vals-des-Monts


This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 print edition of
Ottawa Magazine

Monkey for a Day: Visit Arbraska Laflèche Park for aerial adventures — in Val-des-Monts

To Play
For a day of adventure close to town, head to Arbraska Laflèche Park, just north of Cantley in Val-des-Monts. Play in an aerial park that includes wobbly suspension bridges, lianas (vines), monkey bridges (rope bridges), swings, and long, long zip lines.

What Lies Beneath! Visit Arbraska Laflèche Park for some spectacular spelunking

Had enough of swinging? Head underground to squeeze through tiny passages and glimpse majestic underground caves. This one’s not for claustrophobics!

To Rest
From Laflèche Park, head west for 20 minutes toward Wakefield to La Grange, a converted barn that offers four rustic, stylish bedrooms with access to a common kitchen, sitting room, large garden, and sun-filled yoga studio.

The sun-filled yoga studio of La Grange — Wakefield
La Grange’s converted barn — Wakefield

New this year: an organic vegetable garden that produces fresh-picked goodies for breakfast.

To Eat
Also in Wakefield, The Village House offers superb local, seasonal food. In summer, enjoy your dinner on a tiny terrace overlooking the Gatineau River. Favourites include honey-roasted beets, beef short ribs, and local Le Coprin mushrooms.

To Distract
If your muscles are sore or your nerves jangly after a day spent in the treetops and underground caves, head a short distance south (15 minutes) to Amerispa Cantley. A small, contemporary Nordic spa, the baths offer the perfect place to relax, enjoy a massage, or simply lounge in a hot tub surrounded by nature.