HEADS UP – Andrew Pelling Ted “Talks” to apple ears at the HUB
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HEADS UP – Andrew Pelling Ted “Talks” to apple ears at the HUB

What’s going on in Ottawa… TONIGHT

Ottawa’s first ever TED Fellow, Dr. Andrew Pelling – an experimental scientist, self-proclaimed biohacker, endurance athlete, and entrepreneur – will be at Ottawa’s Impact HUB tonight, Thursday, Feb. 25 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Pelling will be sharing his innovative work – how he pushes living systems by using materials you can find in your own grocery store, like apples. Pelling has managed to grow human tissue on apples he purchased at his local Loblaws. And there was no expensive science – or magic – involved. Pelling washed the apple, cut it into the shape of an ear, and grew the tissue. He is using, literally, soap and water to wash away the apple cells and create a “scaffolding” for skin and organs.

Perhaps the thought of skin grown from apples makes you cringe, or maybe it inspires you to what our future holds – Pelling is trying to push limits to see if household items will one day be able to create affordable medical miracles.

And for those of you (me, a little bit) who cringe at the possibility of apple ears, much of his other experimental work has led to new insights in cancer pathology, muscle degeneration, and stem cell development. 

There are a few tickets remaining (you can grab them here) to see the bio-hacker live – and maybe he’ll bring a live surprise, too.
Impact Hub Ottawa – 71 Bank Street. 6th Floor