WEEKENDER: Six things to do/see on the weekend of February 6 – 9
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WEEKENDER: Six things to do/see on the weekend of February 6 – 9

Sexcula: a 1970s tex-funded, campy, cult porn screening at the Mayfair Theatre
Sexcula: a 1970s tax-funded, campy, cult porn, which is screening at the Mayfair Theatre

In this edition of Weekender: Hidden battlefields, Arousal, Balconies, Sexcula, a winter art market, and a month-long Fibre Festival

In the fields of Western Europe, there is a crater, overgrown with vegetation and largely forgotten — although mostly hidden, it’s a reminder that a shell fell here 100 years ago, in a place that was once a battlefield. Captured in large-scale, colour photography, this is but one of several hidden places of the First World War rediscovered through Rémi Thériault’s lens. His exhibit, Front, opens this Friday, February 7 at the Ottawa Art Gallery. The opening of his exhibit is in conjunction with Entre le Chien et le Loup, an exhibit of David R. Harper’s mixed-media works, which explore that French expression used to describe the time of day just before evening when the light is so dim that it’s difficult to distinguish objects. A vernissage for both shows, as well as for the latest exhibit in the Firestone Gallery – Bringing it Home: Abstraction and the Painters Eleven – takes place on Thursday, February 6, between 5:30 – 9 p.m.