If at first you don’t succeed … keep flushing
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If at first you don’t succeed … keep flushing

Irrelevant days of the year have become a trendy pastime of the typical North American. World Donut Day means donuts at the office, Chocolate Ice Cream Day means indulging after dinner, Watermelon Day is a free-for-all in the summer, etc. So it should come as no shock that there is a World Toilet Day, too (Nov. 14), and that it is being aptly celebrated.

The Gotta Go Campaign, a group aiming to ensure a safe and accessible network of  public toilets in Ottawa, is hosting a party at McNabb park on Saturday replete with songs from The Raging Grannies, a theatrical toilet set-up for pictures and selfies, toilet paper crafts, and toilet paper games including a contest for the fastest person to fully wrap a partner in toilet paper. Prizes include … toilet paper. (There will be donuts, coffee, and hot chocolate.)

The Gotta Go Campaign is currently reviewing 100 toilets in Ottawa. The results of the study won’t be done until early April. We asked staff at Gotta Go for their top toilet picks off the top of their heads:

  1. City Hall
  2. The NAC
  3. Major’s Hill Park (although often closed)
  4. Patterson Creek
  5. Vincent Massey Park (“probably not open now, but a really nice toilet!”)

Follow the Facebook page for further event details and anything else you may want to know about Ottawa toilets.