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SHELF LIFE: A roundup of unique children’s books by local authors and illustrators – Part 3

In this series, Ottawa Magazine’s Vanessa Ortynsky rounds up four kids’ books by local writers and illustrators. From a super hero to a tightrope walker, the books create vibrant characters and colourful worlds of adventure and imagination for them to inhabit. Who knows? They may even get your non-reader reading.

Josée Lindsay was writing a self-help book for adults, wanting to summarize various concepts she had read about in other books. About halfway through the process, she changed her focus, inspired to teach these concepts to children instead. It wasn’t long before she came up with a rhyming picture book. Super Spark aims to shift the focus from idolizing a superhero to empowering the child with a story about an unconventional superhero who encourages children to pursue their dreams.

Ottawa-born Lindsay invites children to dream big, believe in the impossible, find self-acceptance, think positively, and seek unity. Also from Ottawa, Ray Ocampo’s vibrant illustrations bring light to some of life’s most important lessons. Lindsay’s favourite line sums up her own aspirations to pen and publish her first book: “Dare to dream BIG no matter what others think. Believe in the impossible and you will never sink. You are the captain of your own ship so steer in the direction that you wish.” Who wouldn’t want to pass on such feel-good messages to their kids? Lindsay is currently working on an electronic copy of the book as well as activities that can be done during the school year to bring these lessons to life.

Super Spark is available online at www.superspark.ca for $19.99.