WEEKEND READING LIST: A round-up of the week’s top stories from across the St. Joseph Media network
Going Out

WEEKEND READING LIST: A round-up of the week’s top stories from across the St. Joseph Media network

Torontoist discusses Occupy Toronto and their move from King and Bay to St. James Park. While images of the G20 police crackdown have some striking their tents at Rob Ford’s assertion that they had to pack up and get out, others are not in the mood to comply.

Toronto Life gets all Hello! magazine on us, covering the big selling points on a $2.8 million country home built by one of Canada’s most celebrated architects. Those with cash to spare (or money to launder) can check out the woodsy locale ideally suited for the mink-and-manure set.

Fashion Magazine knows it’s never too early to blow your end-of-year bonus. That’s why they’ve got their Holiday 2011 Gift Guide up on the site already with 95 ideas for the chicest girls, the stylish men, the little ladies and men, and little furry friends on your list.

Canadian Family knows that chocolate always sells. Check out their 5-minute chocolate cake in a mug recipe. 20 Minute Supper Club, meanwhile, throws caution to the wind with six sesame recipes that will have nut-averse types wringing their hands.

Ottawa Magazine goes with food this week, too, introducing a Val-des-Monts couple who are trying their hand at food self-sufficiency. Caution: firearms involved.

Where reveals 15 exciting ways that Canadians make winter full of exploration and adventure. Anyone up for a little kite boarding on ice?

Wedding Bells has a solution for brides who have fallen out with their best friends, offering up 50 aww-inspiring wedding outfits for pets interested in joining the bridal party. Seriously.

Also on the animal theme, Quill & Quire’s new podcast series has Andrew Westoll speaking about his experience writing The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary, about a group of chimpanzees living out their last days in a Quebec animal sanctuary after enduring years as the subjects of medical testing.