WEEKEND READING LIST: A round-up of the week’s top stories from St. Joseph Media
Going Out

WEEKEND READING LIST: A round-up of the week’s top stories from St. Joseph Media

TORONTO LIFE: Yes, I realize you can’t actually buy this stuff in Ottawa, but it’s still nice to know that you could be fashionable if necessary. Toronto Life brings you Toronto Fashion Week’s best dressed.

FASHION MAGAZINE: Here’s some inspiration for you last-minute types. It’s Fashion’ween! Create your very own Karl Lagerfeld costume with some Carrera sunglasses and a pair of fingerless gloves away. Put away your sewing kit and dress up as everyone’s favourite fashion uncle.

CANADIAN FAMILY: And this is obviously what Uncle Karl would take to a Hallowe’en bash — no-bake Candy Corn and Pretzel Bark. It’s easy to make, it looks great, and you can customize the ingredients to suit picky eaters.

OTTAWA MAGAZINE: While everyone else was going all Hallowe’en, Ottawa Magazine focussed on our favourite theme: vice. In case you missed it, this week’s Politics Chatter blog takes a historical look at how various Canadian governments have alternately embraced — or forbidden — Canada’s most lucrative “vices”.

TORONTOIST: Hey, we voted out our zany mayor last year, but Toronto went the other way. And so Torontoist brings you “One Year of Street Art Dedicated to Mayor Ford. Too funny – a gallery of the street art inspired by his tumultuous term. Marg Delahunty to be added soon.

WHERE: Not my cup of tea, but some people apparently pay good money to be creeped out. That’s why Where‘s got Canada’s Most Haunted Hotels. Have your own ghost story to tell after you spend a night at one of these hotels known for their paranormal activity.

20 MINUTE SUPPER CLUB: And for nesting types, ’tis the season for curries. Six easy ones, to be exact.

WEDDING BELLS: Talk about choice. Over 500 must-see gowns straight off the runway. Check out all the hottest new styles from Bridal Fashion Week.

QUILL & QUIRE: Always a worthy read, Quill & Quire’s book links round-up offers up literary Hallowe’en costume ideas, H&M’s gritty clothing line inspired by girl with the dragon tattoo Lisbeth Salander, and the scoop on Amazon’s sales figures.