WEEKEND READING LIST: A round-up of the week’s top stories from St. Joseph Media
Going Out

WEEKEND READING LIST: A round-up of the week’s top stories from St. Joseph Media

TORONTO LIFE: Ottawa Magazine‘s Top 10 Restaurants hits the newsstands at the end of October, but in the meantime… if you have dining ennui and are planning a trip to the big smoke, Toronto Life recommends a plus new Italian joint called Modus Ristorante.

TORONTOIST: Perhaps this will inspire all of you waiting with bated breath for our new light rail system… The Torontoist is asking for your help to name the Spadina Extension subway stations.

FASHION MAGAZINE: One is never enough! Fashion Magazine offers not 10, not 20, but 30 top coats to keep you warm this season.

OTTAWA MAGAZINE: In case you missed the buzz of Spoon last week… chick chefs are all the rage. And food editor Shawna Wagman finds out what they really think in  her article “Stirring the Pot“: six female power players on the food scene chat about what lifeís really like under the hood.

QUILL & QUIRE: Oooh, Quill & Quire‘s got two stories we’re going to read before doing our book buying for Christmas. Sales are up for Booker nominees, but how good are the books? And they’ve also got a slideshow of the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize shortlist

WHERE: The Where editors get into the Oktoberfest spirit with a list of their fave 10 craft beer destinations across the country.

CANADIAN FAMILY: Would have been Jim Henson’s 75th birthday a few days ago. That must have been what prompted Canadian Family’s Muppet-inspired snack.

20 MINUTE SUPPER CLUB: The other white meat! In your slow cooker! Slow cooker foundation.

WEDDING BELLS: Advice from fellow brides on choosing a wedding song. Hint: best not to opt for sarcastic.