Buy, rent or get away with our new Cottage Guide 2016

Buy, rent or get away with our new Cottage Guide 2016

This Spring, Ottawa Magazine will release our first guide to cottaging — Cottage Guide 2016 is a comprehensive primer on cottage living, which includes where to buy, favourite lakes, and what to bring, plus tips from cottage, water and boat professionals. Of course, it’ll include tours of gorgeous cottages to get you inspired.

What if you, like most, don’t own a cottage?
If you’re looking to buy, check out the real estate guide to the area’s cottage country, with tips on finding the perfect haven, which also suits your wallet.

Prefer to rent?
The Cottage Guide includes time-shares and resort options.

Looking for a country-retreat?
A lakeside yoga studio or a culinary getaway might be the plan. It’s all inside Cottage Guide 2016.

Cottage Fantasy — For the aspirational cottager, Ottawa Magazine seeks out five gorgeous cottage properties, marvelling at the indoor (and outdoor) views. Our regional tour includes a luxurious chalet in the hills, a modern cottage on a private lake, and a sumptuous summer home with room to sprawl.

Insider Tips — Where are the best fishing holes? How much is too much to spend on a cottage reno? What can you do to protect your little slice of lake or riverfront? Ottawa Magazine asks cottage-savvy pros for advice.