RANDOM DESIRES: What we love, where to find it, and sometimes why

RANDOM DESIRES: What we love, where to find it, and sometimes why

Tempest in a Teacup

An exhibition for our times. Artist Cheryl Pagurek’s Fragile turns these most delicate of vessels into miniature tele-visions, projecting turbulent contemporary news images onto their fine-china interiors. The teacup, says the artist’s statement, “becomes a window onto the world. It brings worldwide events closer to home, both literally and figuratively, while evoking the tensions and intersections between private and public, past and present, and order and chaos.” Beauty and tumult and much to reflect on. See the show at City Hall Gallery until November 27.

Floral Tribute

Launched last fall, Pigment & Paper Co. is a second creative outlet for graphic designer Meghan Thomas, who scans her botanical watercolours and prints them on recycled paper, using vegetable dyes. Gorgeous and guilt-free, her wrapping papers, journals, and desktop planners can be found at fall and Christmas craft markets, as well as The Village Quire in Westboro and Paper Papier in the ByWard Market.

Full Moon

They began as a way to explore her fascination with the moon, but these ceramic plates quickly found such a following that artist Steffi Acevedo began selling them at the Canada Science and Technology Museum gift shop. Tapas lovers will also spot them at The Soca Kitchen. Each plate is unique, the craters hand-carved and painted, then the glazes and stains layered to create depth. Bonus: Creative types can learn these techniques from the master — Acevedo teaches at Hintonburg Pottery.

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