HOMES: When it comes to designing his own bathroom, design/builder Gerhard Linse goes for modernity and luxury

I wanted it to be clean, modern, and spa-like — that was my vision.

Photography by Gordon King

“The advantage of being in the business I’m in,” says design/builder Gerhard Linse, “is that I get to see so many styles and ideas.” That said, it’s not so easy to make all those big decisions when you’re designing your own space. This is Gerhard Linse’s own bathroom, one he says he considers a gift to his partner, Mary Lynch. “I wanted it to be clean, modern, and spa-like — that was my vision.” Linse pictured the room in his head, then created working drawings for Karhu Fine Cabinetry & Millwork, which crafted the deep walnut cabinetry, fitted counters, and tub deck. Having worked with Karhu for 25 years, Linse says he could relax, knowing that the details would be perfect. And this is a bathroom that is all about details. Take the floors, for example. Those big commercial-grade tiles invoke a lovely and modern sensibility, but there is also true utility to Linse’s choice — fewer joints make for easier cleaning. Those same floors are heated from below with radiant heat. “Because waking up in the morning and walking on warm tile is absolutely therapeutic.” For the record, the floor of the tub is also heated. Now that’s luxury.

Design: Gerhard Linse Design & Building Consultants | Contractor: Gerhard Linse | Cabinetry: Karhu Fine Cabinetry & Millwork | Handles: Richelieu | Counter: Corian in ‘Canvas,’ Karhu | Tub deck: Corian in ‘Cameo White,’ Karhu | Tub: BainUltra Tekura, Westend Plumbing | Sink: Duravit, Astro Design Centre | Faucets: Hansgrohe, Mondeau Bathroom & Kitchen | Shower head: Grohe, Mondeau Bathroom & Kitchen | Toilet: Caroma Caravelle, Grohe, Mondeau Bathroom & Kitchen | Towel ladder: Astro Design Centre | Mirrors/Shower glass: Mirror Works | Flooring: Interscapes Tile and Stone Gallery | Shower flooring: Interscapes Tile and Stone Gallery | Pendant lighting: Hèmèra ‘Cassis,’ Marchand Electric