APRIL 2015: The Ultimate Event Guide
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APRIL 2015: The Ultimate Event Guide

I’ll come right out and say it: I’m a reluctant partier. Maybe it’s the stress of deciding all the little details in advance, or perhaps it’s simply my natural introverted instincts when it comes to crowded spaces, I have never been what one would call “the life of the party.” But I have begun to admire the art of a well-
orchestrated bash. From original personalized decor to entertainment — not to mention food and drink — a great party helps reserved party-goers like me loosen up. And let’s face it: celebrations are integral to the way we experience the passage of time. Whether it’s a birthday party that reminds us our baby is growing up or a memorial service that honours a loved one, these events bring us together to laugh, cry, hug, and recognize what is really important in life. And when I’m raising my glass and meeting the eyes of fellow guests, I’m always glad to be there. So whether you are a seasoned party planner looking for the latest trends or someone who needs to be sweet-talked onto the dance floor, I think you’ll find our “Keep Calm and Party On” guide useful and entertaining.

Also in this issue is Judy Trinh’s story on SWATing. I’ll admit to being a bit behind in the digital age, but when the City of Ottawa’s website was hacked this past fall, I think many of us felt a collective shudder. Sure, the dancing banana didn’t do much harm, but it forced us to ask whether authorities are prepared to deal with hackers. It’s a complicated, creepy story that ultimately points to teen pranksters, but with SWATing on the rise, it seems best to be ahead of the curve on this tech trend.

Meanwhile, Brielle Morgan brings us an insightful article about Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA), an international network that helps high-risk sex offenders transition into regular life after time spent in prison. CoSA has an excellent track record, but its funding crisis is reaching a critical level. Just before this issue went to press, the Ottawa chapter was forced to deny support to a recently released sex offender. They’re begging Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney to reinstate the federal funding from Correctional Service Canada and organizing fundraisers so that they can continue to heal and protect society.

Coming Up: It’s a busy time at Ottawa Magazine as we put together our May real estate issue and our annual Eating & Drinking Guide. That book will be an end of sorts to Shawna Wagman’s position as contributing food editor. In her 10 years in this role, Wagman has written about many things related to dining, from restaurants to eating habits to ways of better understanding our relationship with food. While she might be best known for her Top 10 lists, Wagman has helped develop Ottawa Magazine into the go-to resource for all things edible, and we thank her for the appetite she has brought to the booming foodie scene. You can read more about her memories — and her future — on page 64.

— Dayanti Karunaratne, editor

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This new home in Old Ottawa East features walnut cabinetry and a dramatic stairwell. Photo by Doublespace Photography
This new home in Old Ottawa East features walnut cabinetry and a dramatic stairwell. Photo by Doublespace Photography

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North of 7 Distillery is the city’s first craft liquor operation. Photo by Jamie Kronick

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