Local “caremongering” and growing the network with #ottcovidhelp
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Local “caremongering” and growing the network with #ottcovidhelp

During this stressful time, we are seeing inspiring acts of kindness, often in the form of volunteering to help others in their community. We want to help.

Do you know of a community organization, Facebook group, or charity that needs volunteers?

Today, we’re asking for your help finding these groups. Please share this post with anyone in your networks who might need help and those who are organizing volunteers. Alternatively, you can email feedbackottawa@stjoseph.com with names and/or contact information of volunteer groups and groups looking for help.

We will be using these contacts to generate web posts about community needs, in the aim to generate and organize volunteer efforts in a safe, efficient way.

Groups like Operation Ramzieh(shown below) are coordinating the delivery of hundreds of food kits; Facebook groups like COVID-19 Community Care Ottawa work at a more ad-hoc, grassroots level to organize pet food delivery, mental health services, and solutions COVID related problems. I’ve spoken with Karen Secord at Parkdale Food Centre — one of the only resources of its kind located within a health care centre, it is able to prepare and deliver foods but has had to cancel all drop-in programs. Councillors like Jeff Leiper are organizing efforts in their own ward — if you’re in Kitchissipi ward, check out his online form.

In the coming days, we will be writing about these efforts, and will help grow the network using #ottcovidhelp. Please look out for these stories and share them with your networks. Together, we can take comfort in knowing Ottawa residents are doing the right thing and coming together as a community.