FrontLineFeeds — Med students feed their future colleagues
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FrontLineFeeds — Med students feed their future colleagues

Have you heard about FrontLineFeeds? It’s the name of a group of medical students who, unable to go to class or complete residences, are rallying to support front-line workers with hot lunches from local restaurants.

Want to donate? Find their GoFundMe page here

Want to volunteer time or food? Send the team an email at

We caught up with the team earlier this week to find out more about their mission.

How did you and the rest of your team come up with the concept?
Since we’ve been sent home from medical school due to the pandemic, we felt a deep sense of responsibility to help those on the front lines, since if it were a year down the road it would have been us. We started talking about what we could do to help, and since food is almost a universal language of appreciation, we thought it could be a great idea to start providing meals to those who are currently risking their lives to save the lives of those in our community, including but not limited to doctors, residents, nurses, and support staff.

How do you choose meals/restaurants?
We have a group of partner restaurants that are aware of our initiative. We are also open to work with any restaurants that would like to support FrontLineFeeds. They can simply send us an email. Also, we are looking for local businesses to partner with as sponsors.

Looks like a Copper Branch day!

I see you’ve increased the goal on your GoFundMe page. How many meals does $15K buy?
We want to continue giving back as much as possible. The number varies, but with our current estimates $15K should allow us to provide 1,000 meals to our healthcare heroes. So far, we’ve provided over 200 meals. 

Has this experience changed your perspective on the health field as a career?
I think this pandemic has changed the perspective of everyone in the health field, since we haven’t had a pandemic this big in a long time. As medical students, it has shifted us into a time of uncertainty; we don’t know when we’ll be going back to the hospitals, we don’t know how applying to residency will happen next year, etc. However, one thing that’s for sure is we are looking forward to join those front lines and help those in need.