Future List 2022: Six inspiring people with bold visions for Ottawa
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Future List 2022: Six inspiring people with bold visions for Ottawa

For our second annual Future List series, we aimed to recognize people that bring depth to our community, people who lead by example in their commitment to their city. We wanted to find new faces, ones that might be familiar within certain circles but not necessarily seen by those who skim headlines.

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Connecting with cultural associations, community groups, and business organizations yielded interesting gems — we learned about the people they admire, as well as the challenges facing non-profits and retirees, and uncovered exciting visions for the way our city might evolve. New initiatives are at the heart of this year’s list, along with a passion to connect across cultures and communities to truly build a better future.

Bringing together insightful journalism and bold portraits by award-winning photographer Christian Lalonde, these five articles paint an exciting picture of Ottawa. See the list below and find the full stories on our website in the coming days, or in the print edition available to purchase online here.

PLUS! We also caught up with the people featured on our 2021 Future List. You can read those updates here.

Claudette Commanda

Claudette Commanda, the chancellor at the University of Ottawa, has spent decades advocating for Indigenous rights. Photo by Christian Lalonde


Rheal Labelle

Rheal Labelle has led the redevelopment of many unique properties, from multi-unit infill properties to cutting-edge community housing sites. Photo by Christian Lalonde


Sophia Jacob and Toni Jacob

Sophia Jacob, left, and Toni Jacob are sisters who spearhead separate organizations that support their communities in critical ways. Photo by Christian Lalonde


Sahada Alolo

Sahada Alolo of the Multifaith Housing Initiative is currently working with the City of Ottawa to research — and attend to — the needs of street-involved people. Photo by Christian Lalonde

Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford is a lifelong entrepreneur who is leading a movement to support Mens Sheds, a trend that sees retired men gather to share skills and foster relationships. Photo by Christian Lalonde.