POLITICS CHATTER: Family values — and a trip through the Sun’s classifieds section
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POLITICS CHATTER: Family values — and a trip through the Sun’s classifieds section

Contributing editor Mark Bourrie wonders if the Sun Media chain’s family values are up to snuff.

Well, I’ll be a dirty bird. Roll me in eleven herbs and spices and call me Kentucky Fried. I’m shocked and appalled. Outraged. Think of the kids.

I think I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last week, people on Parliament Hill and the handful of viewers of Sun News were subjected to the moral outrage of Sun TV staffers spewing spittle on their camera lenses because the CBC was peddling soft-core porn on a Radio-Canada website. Seems Radio-Canada had a partnership deal with an outfit in France to produce a soft-core romp comedy called Hard, which centres on some chump who inherits a porn magazine business. Sun denounced the entire CBC and trashed them for using taxpayers’ money for smut that’s posted for easy viewing by your kids and mine.

I’m very happy that the Sun folks troll the Internet looking for porn. I know there is some out there, so I am always glad when someone takes the bullet for me and warns me off smut sites. I’m sure my adolescent children don’t look at porn on the Internet, but that could change. Thanks, Sun TV, for looking out for them.

My gratitude turned to rage when I picked up a free copy of the Ottawa Sun, mere blocks from one of the city’s high schools. Left in a coffee shop for anyone to pick up, this newspaper had a page of  ads for actual prostitutes!

Not softcore porn.

Not hardcore porn.

Yes! Hookers! Eager to seduce our young people and break up our families.

And it gets worse. (I’ll get to that later.)

Let’s see what’s on offer in the Sun’s classifieds.

There’s the gay cruiseline. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t want my six-year-old to read it. And an ad for Shemale Suzy Hung. There’s also the eager Mistress Whitney, offering “Exp’d Dom & Fantasy,” and one ad with the heading GRAND OPENING, which is not only suggestive but rather daunting.

You can get take-out or eat in. You can bring your spouse, or two people can come to your house. Here’s where it gets worse… some of these “organizations” are actually hiring.

Yes, the Ottawa Sun is engaged in a campaign to lure our daughters, our wives, our sisters, our mothers, and maybe our little brothers, into a life of whoredom. That’s why, when the Sun newspaper delivery guys come by my house, I will set the dog on him.

I don’t know what’s happened to morality in this country. Where, oh where, is the idea of a “family newspaper?”

While I do thank the Sun for trolling the Internet and protecting me from inadvertently stumbling on taxpayer-funded filth, I simply cannot forgive them with sprinkling whore recruitment ads around our high schools and on city busses.

Enough is enough, I say. Someone should pass a law.