COUNTDOWN TO THE RETURN OF ALFIE: 11 essays on #11 (essay #7 — Daniel Alfredsson as mentor)

COUNTDOWN TO THE RETURN OF ALFIE: 11 essays on #11 (essay #7 — Daniel Alfredsson as mentor)

AlfieCover_300-235x320In April 2013, Ottawa Magazine honoured the captain with the “Alfie Pack,” deconstructing the Senators’ icon with 11 essays on No. 11. By July, he was a Detroit Red Wing.

On December 1, Alfie and the Red Wings visit The Canadian Tire Centre for the first time since the deal was done. In the lead-up to the big event, Ottawa Magazine revisits our 11 essays — one essay per day for 11 days. (Want a copy? Back issues for sale here.)



Turning It up to 11: Alfie as Mentor

By Lisa Wallace

As a fresh-faced rookie, Erik Karlsson knew little about life in the NHL, but Senators captain and fellow Swede Daniel Alfredsson was more than willing to offer friendship, advice, and even a place to live during Karlsson’s first season with the team. Eleven things the captain taught the Senators’ next Swedish superstar:

1.  He always made sure I got to the rink on time and would wake me up if I was sleeping in!

2. He’ll always be honest with you — even if it’s not really what you hope or want to hear.

3. He always told me, if you’re not comfortable with something then you don’t have to do it. People shouldn’t expect certain things from you just because of who you are, but make sure always to be respectful.

4. He helped me see how important it is to make smart decisions to make sure you can play a long time in this league.

5. Fashion is about much more than just comfort. Alfie cares about his hair and clothes a lot more than people probably think.

6. He loves U2 to the point that his dog is named Bono, but he’s willing to listen to different types of music with me, so we sort of meet in the middle on that.

7. There were no real rules when I lived with the Alfredssons, but entertaining the kids was always appreciated.

8. I did have to change diapers but thankfully never had to deal with any really bad ones.

9. I grew up with Alfie’s kids, so now when I call, I sometimes choose to talk to the kids instead of him. He’s a great dad.

10. Being around him and his family helped me grow and mature and realize what’s really important in life.

11. When I met Alfie, I thought I was a long time away from becoming a husband, but seeing him and the family made my girlfriend and me realize that’s what we wanted. Now I’m 22, married, and have a dog.