MY LOOK: Talking street style with fashion lover Carolynn Lacasse

MY LOOK: Talking street style with fashion lover Carolynn Lacasse

By Erica Wark

Carolynn Lacasse is wearing a shirt from Zara, skirt from JCrew, and shoes from Zara. Her watch is from Michael Kors, and the bracelets are from Osolee and JCrew. Accessories include a belt from Michael Kors and a bag from Zara. Photography by Miv Fournier.

You’re one of only two females at Swix (a social media analytics firm), and on top of that, your style is — as celebrity-stylist-turned-fashion-designer Rachel Zoe would say — bah-nanas! How did that happen?

Well, I’m a total fashion lover and grew up working in retail. But I graduated with a business degree and a minor in marketing, so when the opportunity arose at Swix, it was a good fit. My first week, I wore super-feminine skirts and dresses, and the guys were like, “Why are you dressed like you’re headed to the prom?” but now I’m like a little sister. It’s a really fun place to work.

How would you describe your style?

During university, I had the opportunity to study in France. The street style was amazing — Parisian style is unlike any other. Passing by gorgeous boutiques and women, I was inspired by how they put looks together. I like to wear masculine pieces — say, a trouser pant or fitted blazer — and fill it in with feminine details.

You’re a born-and-raised Ottawa girl. Do you plan to build a life here?

I love to travel, but I think I’ll always have my roots here. I live and work in the same block, and I love it. I call the Market “my Manhattan.” I have everything I need here. Ottawa’s on the verge of greatness — there are pockets of amazing things. There’s Play down the street, where I hit up the wine and cheese combo after 10 p.m. with friends; boutique shops; and incredible art galleries on Sussex Drive and Murray Street. What more could a girl ask for?


Carolynn's office look: Blazer by Club Monaco, Shirt: Target. Pants: Zara. Shoes: Michael Kors. Bracelets: Vintage/Thrifted. Necklaces: Club Monaco and Aldo. Photography by Miv Fournier.


You spent some years in retail. Is that where your love of fashion comes from?

Totally. My first job ever was at The Gap, and for six years after that, I bounced around at other retailers, including Michael Kors. Guys would come into The Gap in a panic looking for what to wear on a first date, and I loved helping them feel confident going into such a special moment.

Okay, so you’re a marketing guru and a fashion maven. If you could create your dream job, what would it be?

I would love to combine the two. Maybe help clothing brands build an online presence or build online retailers. That would be a lot of fun.

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