MY LOOK: Talking style with Dominic Coballe, co-owner of the local design house know as N-Product

MY LOOK: Talking style with Dominic Coballe, co-owner of the local design house know as N-Product

Dominic is wearing a Joseph Abboud jacket paired with a Hugo Boss button-down, vintage Lee denim jacket, and Levi's cords. He topped off his outfit with a vintage tie and N-Product wooden tie clip. Photo by John Kealey.

By Elisabetta Bianchini

N-Product, the company owned by you and your wife, is basically a small design house for the lifestyle goods you conceive. How would you describe the brand and your designs?
N-Product is a play on words. N speaks to a mathematical equation — to the nth degree — meaning infinite ideas and products, which is our motivation. We don’t want to limit ourselves. Our goal is to make things that are fun and that instigate some sort of reaction with people.

You’ve said you’re a practitioner of the Slow Goods movement, which emphasizes quality materials, sustainable sourcing, and local manufacturing whenever possible. How does that impact what you personally wear or buy?
Both of us like fashion and clothing, but we don’t really like the disposable nature of things — we try to think of everything we buy as an investment. Really look at brands and labels that follow the Slow Goods approach, and you understand why the price tag makes sense.

How would you describe your personal style?
A lot of the styles I like are older. In the 1920s and 1930s, things were tailored, but there was a fun aspect to them and an element of not taking fashion too seriously. I’m super confident in everything I wear because I don’t overthink things. My style also reflects back to when I was a kid and I had this youthful confidence in myself.

Where do you like to shop for menswear?
I like local, independent stores. A couple of great ones are Slaysh and Viens Avec Moi. Victoire is an awesome place to find gifts for my wife.

Your company makes everything from clothing to iPhone cases. Which product is your favourite?
It would probably be our first  — a watch attachment for the iPod Nano. When we developed it, we were both working full-time and had a new son. It was a huge undertaking and it was really difficult to do, but we pulled it off somehow.

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