STYLIN’: Just announced as a Bluesfest performer… The PepTides! Vocalist DeeDee Butters shows off her look

STYLIN’: Just announced as a Bluesfest performer… The PepTides! Vocalist DeeDee Butters shows off her look

Just announced as a local performer at this summer’s Bluesfest (Sunday, July 8 in you’re making plans)… The PepTides! Ottawa Magazine catches up with PepTides vocalist DeeDee Butters in the May print edition and asks her about “The Look.”

By Erica Wark

Photography by Jonathan Hobin.

You seem to wear a lot of hats — singer, actor, makeup artist, entrepreneur. How do you manage such a varied portfolio?
I’ve taken years of “extreme scheduling” [laughs]. Like most people who work in the arts, it’s common to take on many projects. I love every role, for completely different reasons, but they all have a common thread: creating something that didn’t exist before. Whether it be writing and performing a new song with The Peptides or creating a unique look through makeup for a shoot, it’s rewarding and challenging.

So with all of the jobs you juggle, your wardrobe must be quite the collection. How would you describe your style? 

I’m a bit of a chameleon. My performance style has a strong reference to the ’50s. But when I’m working as a makeup artist, my style tends to be very menswear inspired, with a crisp dress shirt, leather jacket, and killer boots.

Where do you shop?
For my ’50s apparel, I source online at Bettie Page. They’re one of the few stores that have quality vintage replica apparel. I also love flea markets and Value Village. I once found a Diane von Furstenberg dress there!  For my more business-casual style, I go to Winners or Jacob, stores that offer simple yet classic pieces. I then build on that with funky accessories from Aldo or Le Château. My favourite place to buy shoes is Letellier. They sell hot boots that last.

Interesting that you used the word “source.” You sound like a stylist.
One of my favourite things to do is walk around a mall with the ambient noise around me. Even if I walk away with nothing, I still feel fulfilled.

You have a really cool name; it’s perfect for the stage. Is that your real name?
It is! Well, Deidre Butters is my full name, DeeDee for short. I’m so lucky to have been born with the perfect stage name — thanks to my Irish heritage! It’s fun, funny, and flirty, but also to the point. There’s simplicity to it.

Performer DeeDee is wearing a Bettie Page dress, Nine West platform glitter pumps, and accessories from Ardene. Makeup artist DeeDee is wearing a leather jacket from Danier, a shirt from Winners, Silver Jeans, and Joseph Seibel boots. Necklace from Le Château; bracelets from Jacob and Ardene.