THE LIST: Magic man Eric Leclerc on the 10 things he can’t live without

It’s not a stretch to say that Eric Leclerc is obsessed with magic. A master of illusions with an infectious energy, 30-year-old Leclerc travels the world taking magic to the masses and is the only person to have won two Canadian Association of Magicians championships. From cruise ships to kids’ shows, English to French, he wows the crowds with stunts and sleights. Catch Eric and his tricks on November 26 in a matinee show at the Shenkman Arts Centre.

Here are the 10 things the magician can’t live without.

Photography by Rémi Thériault.

1. A deck of cards
I have one in every room, including the bathroom. I bought my house with a deck of cards! Card tricks take a lot of practice, and you have to work in your cards. But they’re great, because cards are easy to relate to — 54 options in this tiny little space. The possibilities are endless.

2. Subway
I’m addicted. I have a sub every day. They know me, especially since I go there after my kids’ shows when I’m still wearing the purple suit. I like cold cuts and roasted chicken. It’s fast, fresh, and filling. I don’t think I could get along with anyone who doesn’t like Subway.

3. Red Bull
We go on tour a lot, my sound tech and I, and Red Bull keeps us going. It also helps with performances. I know it’s not good for you, and I’m pretty hyper as is — but I’m a big fan.

4. My GPS
I would be lost without it — literally. I’m totally addicted. We call her Jen. She has screwed us a couple times on tour, but she has saved us many times. How else would we get from Hearst to Thunder Bay?

5. My ex-girlfriend
I miss you so much!! XO

6. Fabricland
As a magician, I make my own props, costumes, and stage decor. (I have a sewing room in my house — my dad was totally disappointed when I asked for a sewing machine for my 27th birthday.) So I am always shopping for fabric with the little old ladies. For about $20, you get an annual membership that gets you up to 50 percent off everything from dye to thread for tricks.

7. My Panasonic camcorder
This camcorder has been instrumental in my most ambitious project to date: the 365 Project. On January 1, I started posting a trick on YouTube every day. I’ve done a trick while skydiving. I had a Playboy Bunny come to my house to help with one. I’ve done one while under water and another while getting my chest waxed. I have nearly 7,000 followers. It’s gotten me some great gigs, but I’ll be glad when it’s over, since I spend four to five hours a day on each trick.

8. My car

I wasn’t a car guy until I bought my 2010 Camaro. Honestly, I was going in to buy a Cobalt. But the insurance is actually less, because it’s for someone who is more well off. The licence plate is MAGICSTK, so I get a lot of looks. Older men stop me and ask me what’s under the hood — then I look like a total idiot.

9. My GoodLife membership
Even though I rarely go, it’s nice to know that I could.

10. Michael Bolton
My best friend is in a cover band, and every time I go see them, I yell, “Play some Michael Bolton!” It became a running joke. Now whenever I’m at a concert and there’s a quiet moment, I scream, “Play some Michael Bolton!” It’s become
a huge part of my life.