THE LIST: Animator Jessica Borutski’s list of favourite things

THE LIST: Animator Jessica Borutski’s list of favourite things

You could say it has been the year of the rabbit for animator Jessica Borutski.

When Warner Bros. executives decided it was time to update the cast of characters from the ultra-famous Looney Tunes franchise, Borutski got the call. Two years later Bugs Bunny looks a whole lot fresher (as do Daffy, Petunia, Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester, and over 30 more legendary characters). Just to keep the schedule really hectic, Borutski launched a new short film this month: The Good Little Bunny With the Big Bad Teeth premiered at La Petite Mort Gallery on Sept. 4.

Jessica BorutskiCintiq
I draw on it every day. It’s a tool by Wacom — a screen and a special pen — that allows me to be paperless. I use it for my own work, as well as my work for Warner Bros. I will doodle on paper if I’m resting — it’s nice to curl up and be away from the computer — but when I’m not working, I’m probably doing something other than drawing.

I can’t start my day without a big cup of coffee. I love Bridgehead and Starbucks, and I have one of those I Am Not a Paper Cup mugs that I use all the time.

Canal runs
Almost every day I jog along the canal. It’s just one of those things that’s part of my daily routine. I run over the Somerset pedestrian bridge for a great view of Parliament, then over the Bank Street bridge and back to my home on Echo Drive. It’s about a 45-minute run.

Family and friends
’Cause I can’t live without them! I was born and raised in Ottawa — I grew up in Osgoode — so all my friends and family are here. Not moving to L.A. anytime soon!

Yoga class
I go to Santosha Yoga on Elgin, and I love it. When I’m sitting drawing all the time, I get really sore, and yoga counterbalances that. I go for the power or hot yoga classes.

I’m really into listening to documentaries when I work. Everything from National Geographic to Stephen Hawking. I stream them on my computer. I don’t really watch them, but they make the day go by faster, and I’m learning while working.

My pug Lucy
When I look at her face, I just laugh. Every time. And she’s so cuddly! She doesn’t live with me anymore because I travel so much, but she’s with my parents so I still see her a few times a week.

Cartoons from the ’30s and ’40s
I find them amazing to watch. They’re what I watched when I was a kid. I’ve always been fascinated by that era. There’s a strange, surreal quality to them. I first saw them on a VHS tape — one of those weird bootlegged cartoons my parents must have picked up at a drug store. There was one with Mickey Mouse and a mad doctor that I remember watching when I was six.

I love listening to electro-pop, or anything with synthesizers, while I work. Not at the same time as the documentaries, though!

When I buy it, I go to Sushi Go on Bank: it’s cheap and quick and really, really good. They have a sun-dried tomato and cream cheese sushi — it might sound weird, but it’s amazing.

Photographs: Rémi Thériault; Ears drawn by Jessica Borutski