In honour of the Sens’ win, our hockey-inspired “guest list”

In honour of the Sens’ win, our hockey-inspired “guest list”

Dream Guest List! In our quest for the inside scoop, here are the six hockey types we’d love to get together with for drinks, a bite to eat, and uninhibited conversation

The Gonchars

Phil Legault The Sens’ communications guy is Mr. Discretion. He’s also a dedicated foodie. We’d ply him with fine food and drink, hoping that he’ll agree to some of our more outlandish Sens feature ideas.

Graeme Nichols Sure, his commentary is insightful, but we love that this  jock writer sees fit to commemorate many a Sens match with a post-game haiku. Find his blog at

Robin Lehner Two reasons. One: Given the current inconsistencies in net, everyone wants to get to know the goalie of the future. Two: We’re eager to hear firsthand what it’s like to party in the Sault.

The Gonchars Sergei has signed for three years, so it’s time to get to know this power couple better. Over the course of dinner, we’ll gather Pens gossip and wrangle an invite to tour their new house.

The Chauffeur It’s a five-hour drive between Ottawa and Binghamton. Just imagine the conversations with elated prospects getting the call-up and veterans being sent down. This guy has to have great gossip.

Bryan Murray He looks incredibly worried during his TV interviews, but Phil Legault tells us he’s a fun guy with tons of hockey stories to tell, so we’re offering the final spot on our guest list to the GM.