WEB EXCLUSIVE: Animator Jessica Borutski shows off more of her favourite things

Pegged by Warner Bros. executives to update the cast of characters from the ultra-famous Looney Tunes franchise, local animator Jessica Borutski got in front of the camera in Ottawa Magazine’s September issue, showing off her 10 must-have items. Here are a few extras that didn’t make the book.

Photography: Rémi Thériault (all images)

1. Sketch Book
This one I recently just filled to the maximum capacity.
It’s a beautifully hard cover bond book that was a birthday gift
from my friend Carrie. I brought this one with me to Paris
and filled it with life drawings of statues from the Louvre,
and of course bunnies and squirrels.

2. Cintiq Pen
I use this little piece of magic on my Cintiq to draw for Warner Brothers
and to create my own work. I think it’s the greatest innovation
for animators since the cell method (a piece of celluloid
that overlays the background that the animation is drawn on).
Before cell, an artist had to re-draw the background every time!!

3. The Squirrel
I picked this guy up at a flea market in Halifax.
I just loved his vintage feel and strangely shaped head.
I find his proportions interesting and have used him for
inspiration for some of my character designs.

4. Heckle and Jeckle Puppet
Another vintage toy. Not much to say about it.
It’s creepy and cool at the same time.

5. Mickey and Mini wind-up toy
This is not actually a vintage toy, but its a great replica
of a wind up toy that was made in the late 1930s.
I like to collect vintage cartoon merchandise.

6. Lucy the Pug
She is my little 5-year-old pug.
She loves food more than anything.