REASON TO LOVE OTTAWA #8: Because we understand power politics

REASON TO LOVE OTTAWA #8: Because we understand power politics

We don’t necessarily like them (or even admit to voting for them), but when Ottawans go to the ballot box, we invariably choose politicos with clout. As Machiavelli would say, always aim to fight above your weight class.

Prime Minister Harper’s attack dog, the bombastic Mr. Baird is best known for his brazen opposition baiting at question period. But many locals have experienced his softer side — and are confident that victory for the government house leader they call Rusty means all good things will flow to Ottawa West-Nepean.
Taking the mayor’s seat from Larry was a little too easy. But Mr. Watson would be foolish to think local voters were swayed by his powerful charm offensive. No, we’re more smitten with his strong working relationships with the bigger boys — that’d be Baird and McGuinty. With this triumvirate in place, now’s the time to get asking for all those perks befitting the nation’s capital. At least that’s the theory.
When it comes to political families, no one rivals the McGuintys, a powerful brother-hood whose Liberal influence touches every level of government in the capital. The biggest player of them all is Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. He’s not the most popular guy on the block these days, but he’s ours.

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Hockey illustration by Fred Sebastian