SOUND SEEKERS: Fateema Sayani on where to be this weekend

SOUND SEEKERS: Fateema Sayani on where to be this weekend


Photo by by Michelle Valberg

Let’s Go, It’s Good

The band is called GOOD2GO and comprises a handful of dudes and their impossible-to-miss front woman Maureen Hogan. She’s got chops and a ballsy attitude about the men who’ve done her wrong. Her stage persona is large, but don’t confuse her hammy side for a lack of talent. The gal — a teacher with the Ottawa school board by day — can sing. She really hit a high note late last year with the release of their fourth album, C’Mon. It shows a band moving from early punk influences into a blues-rock sound that amplifies Hogan’s breathy, heartachin’ voice, bringing to mind Patsy Cline and Dusty Springfield. With New Car Smell. Saturday, March 5. 9 p.m. Irene’s Pub, 885 Bank St. $10.

Where else to be this weekend

Hear country tales that run the gamut from barroom to backwoods with the talented Brothers Chaffey at Irene’s Pub on Friday, March 4. $10

She often sports a fur hat — an easy signifier of her quirky style. Ottawa artist Kyrie Kristmanson has been gallivanting across Europe playing cafes and festivals and otherwise carrying on with the business of cultivating an international audience. Her voice, an instrument on its own, has had many making Björk comparisons. It’s a treat to have her on home turf, not to mention that she’s here celebrating the release of her new EP Thundersongs. Friday, March 4. 7:30 p.m. NAC Fourth Stage, 53 Elgin St. $22.