SOUND SEEKERS: Put on your jammies — it’s Sleepover time with Socalled

SOUND SEEKERS: Put on your jammies — it’s Sleepover time with Socalled

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Josh Dolgin, aka Socalled

Josh Dolgin is the man known as Socalled. He calls Montreal home, but we here in Ottawa can sort of claim him as one of our own, since he was reared in nearby Chelsea, QC.

One spin of his current album — or any of his klezmer-inspired works from the past decade — may make you wonder what’s in the water there.

The dude is slick and complicated and translates all his far-out ideas into songs that are so clubby and so cool. Samples, hooks, chatty rappers, a horn section, strings — he melds all the elements and makes it work.

Don’t believe it? Hear his new album called Sleepover or watch his ideas take shape for yourself. Socalled earned the interest of the NFB, which produced a series on Dolgin’s creative process.

His process involves a lot of creative minds. For the new album, Dolgin called in nearly three dozen collaborators to add to the dozen tracks. Calypso king the Mighty Sparrow is there, as are composer Mocky and cellist Matt Haimowitz. Ottawa represents on the album too: drummer Philip Bova Jr. and soundtrack composer Mike Dubue added their touches to Sleepover.

Dolgin’s Sleepover launch tour (posters around the city encourage people to wear their jammies, Hef-style). Friday, May 20. 9 p.m. $12 in advance. Barrymore’s, 323 Bank St.

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