Meet Stuntman Stu: On the record with Majic 100’s man about town

Man About Town

With a long list of speaking engagements, a voice that can melt hearts, and a new gig with Majic 100, Stuart Schwartz — a.k.a. Stuntman Stu — has become quite the man about town. But what of his home life? Doesn’t his wife — former Y101 program director Connie Bernardi — ever get sick of the schtick? And what does the future hold for the Stuntman? Intrepid gossip ANDI MARCUS cuts to the chase.

Connie and Stu with children Isabella and Matteo. Photography by Bill Grimshaw.

How does your wife react to all the come-ons you get?
She’s in therapy for it. It’s not easy for her. I don’t know how she does it. She has no idea how lucky she is.

What do you miss most about BOB FM?
Playing Huey Lewis every day. But I get more Michael Bublé on Majic, so it all works out.