URBAN DECODER: I sent a letter the other day and noticed the mailbox is covered with postal codes. What happened to the traditional red boxes?

Photo courtesy of Canada Post

Canada Post unveiled the new mailboxes in the summer of 2010 in an effort to prevent people from spray painting the boxes, an action that always garners complaints from residents.  The new boxes are covered with a special Teflon layer that limits the sticking impact of spray paint, which makes any vandalism that does occur easier to remove.  In addition to preventing vandalism, the new design also aims to add a modern artistic aesthetic to the traditional depository: the outer casing is now adorned with different coloured postal codes, an ode to the postal system that has connected Canada for more than 140 years.  If your neighbourhood doesn’t yet have these special mailboxes, don’t worry – Canada Post says the new rollout will be complete in January 2011.