WEB EXCLUSIVE: Photographer Rémi Thériault blogs about shooting Ottawa bands Prescott and Sound of Lions

Photos and text by Rémi Thériault.

Thériault shot portraits of individuals in the local music scene who are making waves for “Scene Changers,” which appears in the December 2010 issue of Ottawa Magazine. See more of Thériault’s work at

I recently finished a shoot for the current issue of Ottawa Magazine about up-and-coming people in the Ottawa music industry. My gig was to get bands to play/sing for me while I was taking the photos in their rehearsal space. I was thrilled that my photo of Whitney from Sound of Lions made the cover.

First photographed PRESCOTT at their country home/studio just outside the city. Got a huge welcome from a pack of five dogs jumping at me (wish I had a photo of that), took a bunch of photos (top left), then played with some guns, all while listening to Prescott’s amazing vocals.

Quick dinner break, then we went to SOUNDS OF LIONS’ practice studio/basement.

Only got a welcoming by one huge dog this time, but a nice one. It was a tight squeeze to take the photos (bottom left) in the basement, but the lighting was great. The cover image was actually the only photo I didn’t use flash for. You can see the perfectly positioned fluorescent light in the photo (left).

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