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Throwback Thursday — To costume or not to costume? That’s the (office) question

Halloween at the office – the novelty of dressing up as someone or something else combined with the treats, and sometimes even a more casual day at work can be fun, but also a somewhat stressful situation. Are you being too risqué? Too political? Will you be over or under costumed? Is anyone dressing up at all?

For Modern Family viewers, think back to Season 2, Episode 6, when Mitchell wears a skin tight Spiderman outfit to the office. When he’s the only one dressed up, he has to wear his suit over top his costume all day.

CBC News has a great list of dos and don’ts — take a peek. Luckily, we are one of those offices that welcomes costumes and candy. Have a look back at some of the costumes that graced our hallways over the years. Although some of the faces have changed, it continues to be a very spirited place.

Jane Corbett (still the current art director), Melanie Scott, Kariann Viau
Alison Stewart, Lisa Barrett (still part of our sales team)
Tami Sharp, Melissa Peters
Steve Ball, former publisher
Sheira Smith, David Anderson
Jane Corbett