BeautyBOUTIQUE got a makeover, and so did we

BeautyBOUTIQUE got a makeover, and so did we

Update: After teaching a spin class last night, I am incredibly shocked and pleased to announce that my Paul & Joe mascara and eye shadow hardly budged through my sweat and several face wipes with a towel. #Respect.

Fighting the elements is a regular occurrence in this city and today was no exception. Grey, glooomy skies, and somehow, even though there is plenty of moisture in the air to “volumize” my hair, there is none for my skin. On a day like today, I am pleased to be going for a makeover.

The Shoppers Drug Mart enhanced beautyBOUTIQUE recently opened on the bottom floor of the Rideau Centre in place of the old food court, replacing the old Shoppers that was getting a little, shall we say, seasoned?

Let’s talk about shiny and new: it’s white, it’s bright, and it’s, I must say, quite a beautiful store. The pharmacy section is still available, with its own separate entrance to make sure the boutique experience is felt. The new design was inspired by a gift box, the idea of unwrapping a gift. That’s a 4,000 square foot gift full of colour and pretty things, carrying 16 prestige brands including Paul & Joe, Shiseido, Stila, Benefit, Chanel, Dior, and Smashbox.

The new Shoppers Beauty Boutique is located on the bottom floor of the Rideau Centre, where the old food court used to be. And across from the new LCBO – convenient, right?

Today, my work-friend, Dee Campbell, and I were treated to a Paul & Joe makeover. Lyndsay Craig, Beauty Director of ACI Brands, and Tina Marina, Assistant Beauty Boutique Manager would be taking care of us.

photo 1
The “before” – just getting some primer applied

A Parisian-born brand, Paul and Joe are the sons of Sophie Melachy, the designer. A fashionista through-and-through, Melachy not only creates the makeup, she fashions outfits for them. All items are sold with optional covers to keep your makeup looking on trend. A cult-favourite is the illustrated cat lipstick cover.

The cat-cult-classic: Paul & Joe lipsticks are sold as the piece on the right, you can buy the piece on the left to dress it up.

Melachy’s sons are allergic to cats and she could not have one of her own, so she expressed her feline love through her products. The lipstick also features an accent colour cat head silhouette embedded in the centre of the lipstick that creates an ombré effect when applied.  A Japanese candy-making technique called Kintaro-ame was used to incorporate two separate tubes during production – one columnar and one cat-shaped – to keep that cute kitty face from fading away with use.

Paul & Joe potions come in vintage-looking French-inspired bottles

Paul & Joe may have been new to the two of us, but clearly not to others. As we were getting our makeup done, we overheard a woman excitedly telling a sales associate, “I’m so excited that this brand is here!”

Paul & Joe makeup products focus on the health of your skin and emphasizing inner beauty. The products felt fabulous while being applied and didn’t give you that “you’re wearing foundation, aren’t you?” look. And another bonus, they are cruelty free.

My favourite thing:
The Paul & Joe Makeup Collection bag. I will be getting this for my cat-loving friend. The makeup bag is super cute and it comes with eye colour samples, creamy cheek colour, waterproof eye liner, and rose treatment balm. Only $42 – the treatment balm is $39 on its own.

And the “after”

Dee’s favourite thing:
I just loved having a makeover, period. As a mom to a toddler, these moments are infrequent. Today I learned that Shoppers Drug Mart does free makeup application, whenever! No appointment necessary! Although, I’d try to score Tina; she knows her stuff.

Dee looking all cute