Discover high-end audio experiences at The Sound Choice

Discover high-end audio experiences at The Sound Choice

The Sound Choice is an award-winning audio dealer dedicated to high-fidelity listening experiences. Through private appointments, customers can try out the speakers, turntables, amplifiers, and other equipment in a relaxed listening atmosphere that replicates a real-world setting, without the distractions of a typical retail environment. It’s a different kind of store — and that difference is reflected in the expressive oil painting that has become the shop’s main branding. 

When re-branding The Sound Choice, the image entitled “Jazz Club” by Ukrainian artist Roman Nogin was chosen as a way to visually capture the impact and emotion of music. The  original artwork is now on display in one of the listening rooms, and The Sound Choice has become the artist’s agent in Canada.

The Sound Choice aims to be a destination for artists and people who enjoy high-end sound experiences. Many of the brands found in this niche boutique are exclusive to The Sound Choice, making it an important local source for fine audio equipment.

Featured below are some exciting new products — including one engineered and manufactured in Ottawa. 

Plus, when it comes to music, The Sound Choice features one of the largest selections of new audiophile records in Ottawa, including many top labels and high-demand re-issues. This Christmas, The Sound Choice is giving away a copy of Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas on vinyl to everyone who schedules and attends an appointment, to see and hear their systems firsthand. Contact the store here to make an appointment.

Western Electric 91E
The Western Electric 91E is the latest advancement in using the popular 300B tube by employing a completely new approach to amplifier design. At double the power, you’ve never heard the 300B express itself like this before. Made for listeners who demand the absolute finest in tube sound. Available in three different finishes. From $20,000.

Gold Note PH-5
The Gold Note PH-5 is the newest addition to their award-winning phono preamplifiers. It is a fully analogue design, engineered exclusively with the best components to recreate the musical event in the most natural way possible. $1,350.

VPI Classic Signature
The VPI Classic Signature is the newest in the Classic line of turntables, which have long been VPI’s best-selling tables and for good reason — never before has VPI offered such a masterpiece in this price range. Available in three different finishes. $8,500.

Fezz Titania Evolution
The Fezz Titania Evolution is an integrated tube amplifier based on KT88 power tubes. It is an extremely efficient and dynamic sounding amplifier. It sounds open, full of air, yet surprisingly neutral. Available in seven different colours. $3,800.

Krell K-300i-DIG
The K-300i-DIG is packed with Krell’s latest technological advances, and achieves an extraordinary level of musicality. Its elegant design is living room-friendly, while delivering more than enough power to achieve incredibly lifelike dynamics with any speaker. $15,000.

Tetra Speakers 515
Engineered and manufactured in the Ottawa area, the Tetra Speakers 515 is the newest model in the Tetra family. Join legendary jazz musicians Ron Carter and Herbie Hancock, the Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards, and numerous other musicians and industry legends as proud owners who truly hear the Tetra difference. A variety of stain finishes and wood veneer options available. $19,500.

In addition to the brands above, The Sound Choice also features Audioquest, Benz-Micro, Cary Audio, Fyne Audio, Gold Note, Integrity HiFi, IsoAcoustics, Lab 12, Luna Cables, Soundsmith, and Sugden.

Contact The Sound Choice to schedule an audition, and receive a complimentary copy of Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas on vinyl, just in time for the holidays.